At the end of 2021, Elena and Javier, owners of Sempiterno Group, contacted us. Sempiterno Groupa custom stationery design and printing studio in Madrid. They wanted to make a video, in which they would show the processes of the creation, totally handmade, of these stationery jewels.

From the beginning we loved their project and the way they approached the production of the video. They were very clear about the result they wanted to achieve. They shared some reference videos with us and we started talking.

In order to set up the shooting plan and lighting, we asked them to record a cell phone video of the manufacturing steps they were following. This way we could know in advance what machines they use, how their studio is lit at specific times of the day, from which angles we can shoot… With all the information, we created a visual storyboard with reference shots to take into account.

The day of recording arrived and we were greeted very well prepared. We were captivated by the enthusiasm for the project.

Although the video is short, each shot required a different lighting and some previous rehearsals… but thanks to the collaboration of the owners, we had it all recorded in one day!

We recorded the video with the SONY FS5 camera. As accessories we used a motorized slider and a Zhiyun Crane 3s Pro stabilizer.

Below, you can see the final result:

“A very professional team, they perfectly captured the idea of our project and the result was just as we expected, they are also very friendly, it was a pleasure to work with them.”

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